Crude oil / Condensate:


Aramco trading added Crude oil to its trading portfolio. The company will leverage its existing refined products, market presence and expertise to build a successful crude oil trading model

We trade non-Arabian crude to meet our client’s demands. We also engage into refinery processing agreements with refiners where we supply crude oil in exchange of products. This helps optimizing Saudi Aramco’s refining system, and leveraging ATC refined products trading position to generate additional value.


Condensate is equivalent to light, sweet crude. Condensate is distilled to naphtha in a splitting plant, and can be further distilled for other refined products. This makes it attractive for refiners and plants to build splitters as part of their operations.

Aramco trading trades condensate when production exceeds plant’s splitting capacity. Saudi condensate (Khuff, 55 API, low sulfur) is considered one of the highest –quality condensate available in the region.